NVM 10.00.017 Klipper "Flying Fish" (1851)

Artikelnummer: 10.00.017

An extreme clipper ship built in 1851 by Donald McKay, East Boston, MA. Her dimensions were 198'6"×38'2"×22' and tonnage 1505 tons. The deadrise was 25".

1851 September

Launched at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, MA, for Messrs. Sampson & Tappan, Boston.

1851 November 11 - February 17

Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 98 days. The Boston clipper Swordfish which left Boston on the same day arrived at San Francisco after 90 days and 16 hours.

1852 November 1 - January 31

Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 92 days and 4 hours. The Wild Pigeon left the same port on October 12, the John Gilpin on October 29, and the Trade Wind on November 14.

1853 May 6

Sailed from Manila to Boston in 107 days or 79 days from Anjer.

1853 September 20

Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 113 days.

1854 April 2 - July 20

Sailed from Manila to New York in 109 days, 80 days from Anjer.

1854 September 23 - January 10

Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 109 days.

1855 September 13 - December 27

Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 105 days.

1856 October 4

Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 106 days.

1857 September 28 - January 20

Sailed from Boston to San Francisco in 114 days.

1858 November 23

Left Foochow for New York with a cargo of tea but missed stays and was wrecked at the Min entrance. The wreck was condemned and was surrendered to the underwriters who subsequently sold the wreck to a Manilla merchant. After having been rebuilt at Whampoa she was renamed the El Bueno Suceso









Klipper "Flying Fish" (1851)



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